DofTNet Enterprises

Websites! Like This one!

With your Nextcloud @ DofTNet account, you can create and manage a website. Right now, the layout is limitied to the default Pico theme and the DofTNet theme (the one this site uses) because, let's face it... DofT hasn't had enough free time to develop more themes so all your websites will look like this. Whee!

You can create your site by logging into your cloud account and visitng the Pico CMS Settings page and filling out the Create a new website form with the following information:

Click create site, and if all goes well, it will appear in your list of sites and will be available for the world to see. When a site is created, If it's not set to private, a link to the site will automatically be listed on the DofTNet Enterprises Welcome page under hosted websites. If it is set to private, then you can only see it when logged in to your cloud account. It looks like the Pico CMS maintainer is going to add the ability to share private sites with other cloud users in a future update but that's not here yet so stay tuned...

Once you've created a site, you can browse and edit the content and assets files directly within the cloud files app. Start out with the default template and you'll have a pretty good idea of what you can do.

DofT has set up several Pico plugins to enhance the capabilities of his Pico CMS app including a plugin that generates thumbnails for image gallery pages on sites that use the DofTNet theme. If you need a feature that isn't yet available, you can always check in with DofT to see if it can be added.