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DofTNet Enterprises is technically a company, which is to say that there is official business registration paperwork on file in various government offices somewhere. And DofT occasionally files a gross receipts tax return.

DofT first started DofTNet Enterprises back in 2004. Originally it was intended to be so he could sell things on his websites, and doing things like that as a company made some things a little more convenient. At the time, he was also involved in an IT consulting company that he and a few friends had started. All of the DofTNet websites were hosted on the other companies servers and the short version of the story is that when that company folded, DofT just kept maintaining the servers.

More recently, back in August of 2015, after many moves and upgrades and slowly consolidating multiple servers into one single server hosting several virtualized versions of the original servers, and after DofT had already ordered a shiny new server to replace it, one of the hard drives in Mr. Overlord (as the server was called at that time) killed itself. Unfortunately, the replacement hadn't arrived yet and there was very little hope of any sort of recovery.

Once the new server arrived, DofT set about trying to rebuild. Of course, times have changed, and now that all of DofTNet was a smouldering heap of twisted metal and silicon, it seemed like a good time to try new things. All the old stuff is gone and now DofT is slowly building up new stuff.

DofTNet Enterprises, as it exists now, is mostly a collection of personal projects disguised as a business. This confuses a lot of businesses that try to offer business services to DofT, but right now the goal isn't to be the next Facebook or anything. DofTNet Enterprises doesn't really have many actual customers, but DofT is not opposed to providing you a DofTNet account, doing an origami project for you or consult on some computer related thing. If you're interested in such a thing, Facebook is the best place to contact him.

These are some of the things:


Hosted Websites:

The hosted sites are sites created by users on the Cloud server - mostly by DofT at the moemnt. It's very much a work in progress so don't expect to be impressed to much just yet.

There are a lot of links out there that still point to the old pre-disaster DofTNet websites. To the extent possible, things have been set up to redirect those links to possibly appropriate content on the new site so people don't have to hunt around for the content they're expecting to find.

If you want a cloud account, an email account, already have an account but need help, or otherwise just want to get in touch with DofT, right now the best place is Facebook. You can also visit the support pages to see if you can find what you need there.