DofTNet Enterprises


DofT never spams anyone. In fact, DofT tries to avoid emailing anyone at all ever if possible. It's sometimes necessary for DofT or one of his systems to send an email for one reason or another - The cloud server likes to send notifications if something's been shared with you, so.. that's a thing....

"But wait! I got this email from 'you' trying to sell me bitcoin or penis pills or gutters or something!" maybe... but it probably wasn't from DofTNet. If you have an email account with one of the big providers, you probably won't ever recieve messages like that, however if your email provider doesn't do SPF or DKIM or DMARC checking, it may be possible that some messages are sneaking through.

DofTNet Enterprises is the domain owner for the following domains:

Of these domains, is the only one authroized to send email. If you receive a message claiming to be from any of the other domains, or - and you may have to check the headers for this - it was not relayed through


Probably just go ahead and delete it.


The one exception is mail from the domain registrar - They don't relay through the DofTNet email servers and don't do DKIM signing... We're working on identifying a workaround or solution to that but for now... if you're expecting a message about your domain nams and it gets flagged as spam or never shows up, you should be able to get in touch with DofT through the domain registration site to get it sorted.