DofTNet Enterprises

Nextcloud @ DofTNet

DofT has set up a Nextcloud instance which you can log into using your DofTNet username and password. The main interface for your Nextcloud @ DofTNet account is via the web at The Nextcloud user manual PDF file will be included in your files when you first log in but you can also browse the manuals at

Cloud Apps

From the web interface, you'll have direct access to:

The following apps are also installed:

Desktop and Mobile Apps

Files can be synchronized between your computer and Nextcloud using the desktop clients available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Mobile apps are also available for Android and Apple devices. Visit the Mobile & Desktop Settings page (requires login) or the Nextcloud Clients page for information on desktop and mobile clients.

There are a few mobile apps for Passwords:

There are also mobile apps for Talk, PhoneTrak, Phone Sync, calendar and tasks... and probably some others... we'll work on a list of mobile app recommendations at some point

Browser Plugins

Browser plugins are available for Chrome and Firefox: (We'll provide links soon!)

That's a lot of stuff...

We'll provide additional information on how to set each of these apps up as we find the time.